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Delivery Policy

1. Can you show me how you calculate shipping?

Please log into your account, put items in your cart, and preview the shipping cost in the checkout process. You can also go back, change the items in your cart, and see how the prices change if you order more or fewer pieces.
The calculation is automatic and based on your shipping address and the weight of the items.



2. How soon can I receive my order and how much will the freight cost be?

It depends largely on the size of your order and the means of shipment you choose. It normally takes about 3-5 working days to prepare for your order. You can also add the time for shipping which you can get the details when ordered.



3. Can we pay the shipping in the destination?

Sorry, we don't accept payment on delivery. Hope for your understanding.



4 . What shipping options are available to me?

The express methods: DHL, UPS, FEDEX.
Postal Services such as Mail Post, Epacket.



5. How can I trace my shipment?

Shipment via different shipping methods can be tracked from the following websites.

Mail Post, Epacket:



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