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Birthstone Letter Open Rings for Etsy Personalized A-Z Small Letter Rings Simple Tiny Custom Gold Initial Alphabet Ring (EJP0006)
  • Price/Units:
    US$4.60 / PC

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  • Weight:20 g
  • Meas:Adjustable mm
  • Material:copper

Welcome to our store

Having your Custom-made Heart Jewelry



Birthstone ring with your preffered one birthstone. This personalized ring can also be a cute Anniversary Ring. 

How To order

Select the birthstone and the metal colorgolden sliver rose golden you want, and contact us about the letter you want. leave order message or sent our email



  January - Garnet

  February - Amethyst

  March - Aquamarine

  April - Clear Crystal

  May - Emerald

  June - Alexandrite

  July - Ruby

  August - Peridot

  September - Sapphire

  October - Pink Tourmaline

  November - Citrine

  December - Blue Topaz

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